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Portable Beauty Equipment Triangle Shape Mini Facial Steamer
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List Price: $36.00€36.00£23.41AU$36.19CA$36.98S$46.32
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List Price: $36.00€36.00£23.41AU$36.19CA$36.98S$46.32
Sale: $18.00€18.00£11.71AU$18.10CA$18.49S$23.16
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Product Details
Feature  Deep Cleansing, Lightening, Moisturizer, Nourishing 
Type  Facial Steamer 
Operation System   Ionic
Certification  CE
Place of Origin  Guangdong, China (Mainland) 
Power supply  DC 6VAAA 1.5 x 4
Atomizing quantity  about 0.8ml/m
Package dimension   50*105*25mm

Detailed Product Description
1. Battery control
2. Multicolor: Golden, White and Red
3.Moisturize skin

Mini Facial steamer mini facial steamer
Quality oriented, professional creation

Nano Mini Facial Steamer is a high-tech nanometer deep care tool integrating functions of nanometer (spray) and led therapy, which can atomizer essence liquid (water shape) in refined parts so as to be absorbed by deep skin at maximum and make deepest care for skin.

The most advanced Nano Technology
Nano Corpuscular Cosmetic Water---- Nano means one over a thousand million unit, one nanometer is one billionth of a metre. The size can’t be seen by the naked eyes. There are 216 holes one the ejection stainless-metal plate it is vibrated by 160KHZ frequency, so the cosmetic water becomes nano particles and it helps prenetration to the skin easily.

Use When
1. Skin feels dry: To relieve the dehydration immediately.
2. Skin feels tight and stressed: To relieve irritation and sunburn more quickly. Cooling down skin after bathing or sauna, or relieve stress.
3. One-step wrinkle& Brightening Care: Use day and night to rehydrate skin. The device immediately absorbs without making streaks. Cosmeceutical ingredients provide one-step dual treatments for skin.
4. The air feels dry: A must item for air travel, use in an overcooled office or overheated car, whenever or wherever your skin needs immediate rehydration.
5. Before/after makeup: Before makeup, cool and hydrate skin to keep makeup in place all day long. After makeup, mist over face for rehydreation and revilalization.
6. After a facial mask or massage: Use to relieve irritation and recovery more quickly after a facial mask or massage.

Technical parameters and specifications
Power Supply: DC 6VAAA 1.5 x 4
Power: 2.2W
Atomizing Quantity: about 0.8ml/m;
Mainframe Weight: 150g
Item Dimension: 10*6*3cm
Color: Red, White, Golden
Quantity: 1